Aqua entrance

The Aqua House is a large building in The Neverhood.

Entering the Aqua House Edit

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Ground floor Edit

When Klaymen enters the building the very first time, a television-like thing will "greet" him saying "Hey Klaymen, say knock knock".
There is is a disk lying under him. To the right, there is another disk, a disk player and a spiky ladder leading to the upper floor. If the spike door in Hall of Records had been left open, the spikes will be retracted and Klaymen will be unable to climb up.

Upper floor Edit

Aqua up

The upper room is orange, and contains another disk, an orange button which must be pressed in order to unlock the underground door, and a string hanging from the ceiling. If pulled, a large beetle called Frenchie (as Willie names him in a letter) will fall on Klaymen's head and puke on him.

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