Big Robot Bil is one of the three robots made by Ottoborg. Bil was made specially for building houses for Ottoborg and his sons. When Ottoborg's world fell apart, Bil floated onto Willie's chunk of land.

Appearance Edit

Bil is a large humanoid robot. Most of his body is made out of grey metal, with the exception of his arms and legs, which are red. He has a dome shaped head, with a face that resembles a fuel gauge. He also has three arms, one hand has three fingers, the other ends with claw resembling pliers. His third arm is much smaller, and he uses it to hold his beloved Teddy Bear. Bil wears a neck tie with vertical red and white stripes.

The Gathering Of Klay Edit

Bil soon saved Willie from the Victoids and the two became best friends. Soon Bil and Willie came across Hoborg. The two of them healed Hoborg's chest injury, and followed him on his journey to collect klay. Within a few years they made it to the mountain of purest klay in the universe. Soon Bil had to rescue the three from a Tickberger. Although Hoborg had to throw away most of the klay to the Tickberger, Bil and Willie both agreed to live in Hoborg's new world. To reward him, Hoborg gave Bil with a large blue Teddy Bear. Bil deeply cared for the Teddy Bear, and wouldn't go anywhere without it.

During The Neverhood Edit

During the beginning of the game, Big Robot Bil seemed to be working for Klogg. It wasn't really Bil's fault though, as it turns out there is a switch inside of him that is labeled Good and Bad. All Klogg had to do was set the switch to Bad, and now Bil was on Klogg's side. However, Klaymen shot Bil with The Neverhood's cannon before he could do any damage to the Neverhood. Unfortunately for Bil, this blew off a sizable portion of his noggin.

Klaymen then climbed inside Bil and changed him back to Good. After getting used to controlling Bil, Klaymen saw Willie being attacked by a Weasel. Using Bil's strength, they saved Willie by smashing the Weasel into goo. Sadly, Klogg soon saw Bil and released The Clockwork Beast. Bil and The Clockwork Beast fought in an equally matched, yet still brutal battle.

The turning point in the fight came when The Bear Retrieval Units were sent out to take the Teddy Bear. The Clockwork Beast Destroyed the Teddy Bear, infuriating Bil. In his anger, Bil made quick work of The Clockwork Beast, and proceeded to open the castle door for Klaymen to get in. Their victory was short lived however, as Klogg simply shot him with cannon again, blowing open his chest. Despite his best attempts to hold onto the chasm, Bil fell off of the Neverhood with Willie still inside him. Both Bil and Willie's fate is left up to the player, depending on which ending they pick.

Bad Ending Edit

If the player chooses to Hoborg's crown on their own head, Klaymen claims himself to be the new ruler of the Neverhood. As the game ends with Klaymen cackling evilly, it can be assumed that both Bil and Willie either died, or are still falling through the void of space.

Good Ending Edit


If the player chooses to put the crown back on Hoborg, after Klogg's defeat, Hoborg tells Klaymen it's time to finish the Neverhood. He then proceeds to make Klaymen many new friends, but sees that Klaymen is still very sad at the loss of his first two friends. Hoborg, being the nice guy that he is, brings both Bil and Willie back. Bil is last seen happily waving at an overjoyed Klaymen, showing the injuries he sustained before have been fully repaired.

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