There is a large cannon near the Radio Tower in the Neverhood. The cannon is considered the Neverhood's only line of defence, and yet is used for play. The cannon has a small bird on it which squawks loudly when the cannon is fired.

There is a plaque under the cannon accessible with the green car, saying "The Cannon Monument – This cannon was put here by Hoborg Klogg".

Operating the cannon Edit

Cannon controls

The cannon is fired with a big red button on the panel.

It can also be lifted from the ground and moved left or right. In order to enable moving controls, two codes consisting of three symbols must be entered. The first one (for moving up/down) can be found in the small basement room in Hall of Records, and the other (left/right) is displayed in the purple guy's cavern. After entering the correct symbols, two axes appear on the target viewer and by clicking the arrows the cannon is moved. It's impossible to move it right unless lifted from the ground, yet Klogg can do it using his remote control when he shoots Bil (and later himself).

Uses Edit

Klaymen must use the cannon to:

After Bil finishes the Clockwork Beast, Klogg protects himself from the intruders by shooting Bil in his chest. At Good Ending, Klogg accidentally steps on the remote control and shoots himself off the Neverhood.
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