The Castle is the biggest and the most prominent building in the Neverhood. It is located on a long peninsula which starts in the lower part of the desert. Hoborg's throne is located in the castle, but after Klogg overthrows him, he dwells there.

Klaymen enters the castle with Bil's help towards the end of the game, and confronts Klogg in the throne room.

Inside the castle Edit

Castle hall

After Bil finishes off the Clockwork Beast, he carries Klaymen and Willie to the castle. He lifts the massive front door and Klaymen descends from the robot to go in. Klogg sees them and shoots Bil, who lets go of the door and falls off the Neverhood, and Klaymen enters the castle in the last moment. Klaymen is unable to open the front door by himself, so the only way to get in and out of the castle is by teleport machine in one of the rooms.

From the inside, the castle is a beautiful yet sinister place. The hallways and rooms are mostly purple and red and full of monster-like decorations.

Looking from the outside, the castle probably has many rooms. During the game, Klaymen visits the following places: