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Doug TenNapel is the creator and animator of The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys. His original coining of the term "Neverhood" was for a fine art show he made in 1989 called "A Beautiful Day in the Neverhood" that contained paintings about a clay city. Doug didn't think he could paint color volumes very well so he bought a bunch of clay and sculpted buildings then photographic the clay models. He used these photos to make a series of acrylic-on-canvas 3' x 4' paintings.

Once the word got around that Doug created the Earthworm Jim character and made him into a video game at Shiny Entertainment, he got an opportunity to pitch a game to Steven Spielberg at his house! He started creating his Neverhood game on his own and invited his old college classmate Mark Lorenzen to help with the design. He had meetings with old collaborators Mike Dietz and Edward Schofield about what kind of gaming company they'd like to see out together. Doug sculpted a model out of a baked plastic compound and put together a portfolio of drawings for clay buildings, puzzles and animation and Spielberg loved the idea. He asked if Doug wanted to make games for his new company he was just putting together called "Dreamworks"! Doug signed a three game deal which allowed him to pay the Neverhood team of eight.