Hoborg is one of the seven sons of Quater, and the creator of the Neverhood. Hoborg's name means "big heart", which can be clearly shown by his caring behaviour.


Hoborg is a tall and divine being who is coloured similarly to the people of the Neverhood, his children. He has a long, thin, golden crown on his head. His head is brown coloured, and seems to have some sort of mouth piece or an opening in his head, possibly indicating his mouth. His body is square shaped, coloured red, and is wide. His arms are whitish-beige with his fingers being brown, and has two brown strips on the upper part of his arms. Under his body is a brown cylinder with a darker shaded stripe around the cylinder, and then are his legs, which start out thin and grow out to be thick, indicating his feet. The end of his feet are coloured brown as well.

He has a very deep voice, and it is very peaceful and calm.


Gathering Of KlayEdit

When Quater gave Hoborg clay to create a world with, rather than creating one he planned one out. Hoborg did not want to make a world and his beings out of clay, but klay. Hoborg asked Quater for something to help him get the klay with, and Quater gave him a telescope which he could use to see across the galaxy to the klay. Hoborg started his journey, and travelled day after day, year after year. One day he rested on a small piece of land, tired and frustrated, and for no apparent reason he started scratching the ground with his fingernails. After a while he had a small pile of dirt. A worm happened to see the dirt and told Hoborg to use it to make beings. Hoborg took the suggestion and started fashioning it into a creature. The being, though, horrified Hoborg and he threw it away hoping it would die. The next day, Hoborg saw Willie and Bil floating by, so he ripped out a piece of his chest, and attached it to his belt. He used this as a lasso to jump on to Willie's red roofed house. Willie healed Hoborg of his chest injury and the three set of to find the klay.

Hoborg and Bil

After a few years they came to a mountain made of the purest klay in the universe. They collected enough klay to make a world for about 2000 people, and started their journey back. On their way back a hungry Tickberger saw them and shouted, "Klaaaaaaaaay!" Hoborg and Willie climbed on Bil and he started running. Hoborg threw down some klay but the Tickberger kept coming after them. Eventually Hoborg threw down so much the Tickberger was no longer hungry. However Hoborg only had enough klay left for a neighbourhood sized world and about twenty beings. To reward Bil, Hoborg gave him a large blue teddy bear.

During The NeverhoodEdit

Hoborg Klogg on screen

Hoborg and Klogg in his original form on Disk Player

Hoborg created the Neverhood using the klay he gathered with Willie and Bil. However, when Hoborg was finished creating his world, he became lonely, as he was the only resident in the world (aside from Willie and Bil). Thus, Hoborg created his first son, Klogg. Klogg noticed Hoborg's crown and attempted to grab it, but Hoborg stopped Klogg, and then left to go to the throne room in order to create more people. While pondering in his throne, Klogg reached from above and stole Hoborg's crown. Not only did this give power to Klogg, but it ended Hoborg's life source, and there putting him in a frozen state. However, Willie picked up the life seed that fell from Hoborg's hand and gave birth to Klaymen, who Willie hoped will stop Klogg.

Klaymen revives Hoborg

Klaymen bowing before Hoborg, whom he had just revived (Good ending)

Hoborg Klaymen good ending

Hoborg and Klaymen at Good ending

It wasn't until Klaymen entered the castle and took the crown from Klogg, placing it on his head that Hoborg finally awoke from his never ending slumber. He thanked Klaymen, but Klogg interrupted, going to stab Hoborg. In the process, Klogg stepped on his cannon remote control, which fired the cannon and blasted Klogg away. Hoborg and Klaymen then returned to the nursery. Hoborg told Klaymen to stay outside, and then he entered the nursery, creating many more people. After a while, he finally returned, and his newly created people surrounded Klaymen and congratulated him. He then declared everyone to goof off, and soon everyone was partying and goofing around. But Hoborg realized Klaymen wasn't satisfied because Willie and Bil were killed earlier, and then revived the two in order to fix everything.

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