Klogg / KloggMonkey
Character Info
Name: Klogg / KloggMonkey
Gender: Male
Species: Android
Occupation: Ruler of The Neverhood (formerly)

Skullmonkey King (formerly)

First Appearance: The Neverhood
Latest Appearance: Klaymen gun hockey
Voice Actor: Doug TenNapel

"I declare myself Klogg, ruler of the Neverhood!'" - Klogg

Klogg , later known as Kloggmonkey, is the first son of Hoborg and the main antagonist of The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys.

In The Neverhood Edit

Klogg's Birth Edit

Klogg was created by Hoborg to be his first friend and to share his world of the Neverhood. Hoborg retrieved a life seed from inside his crown and planted it, and the seen instantly created a red humanoid which Hoborg named Klogg.

During Hoborg's introducing him to the Neverhood, Klogg is distracted by Hoborg's crown and tries to take it. Hoborg stops him and warns him that his crown is the one thing he cannot have, further irritating Klogg. When Hoborg left Klogg to enjoy the Neverhood and returned to his throne room to create more people, Klogg begins jealously plotting against Hoborg.

Klogg Succeeds Hoborg Edit

While Hoborg is sitting in his throne room with a life seed in his hand, Klogg climbs onto his chair and steals the crown. Ignoring Hoborg's pleas, Klogg put the crown on and declared himself the new ruler, leaving Hoborg in a state of suspended animation. The crown then corrupts Klogg and transforms him into a demonic version of himself, though he is largely indifferent to this transformation.

Discarding the crown, Willie watches Klogg from the window and spots Hoborg holding the life seed. He takes it away and flees to the nursery, planting it and creating the humanoid named Klaymen. Klogg then spends his time skulking within the castle and at some point splits the land in half, securing on half by a chain to an island beside his castle.

The Neverhood Edit

Klogg is first made aware of Klaymen's presence when he sees him outside his castle's window, preparing to pull the pin on the chain and bring the two halves of the Neverhood together. Klaymen succeeds and Klogg leaves, spying on Klaymen's progress and plotting traps for him.

When Klaymen revives Bil and rescues Willie from the Purple Weasel, Klogg summons the Clockwork Beast to battle the robot and steal his teddy bear. The Beast is defeated and sent falling into space, and begins lifting the gate of the castle. Klogg is aware of this and uses a remote to control the cannon, firing it at Bill and blowing a hole in Bil's chest. Bil manages to hold thee gate open long enough for Klaymen to get inside, before both he and Willies fall into space.

With only Klaymen left to deal with, Klogg decides to prevent him from waking Hoborg by offering the crown to Klaymen and corrupting him as well. Klaymen eventually reaches the throne room and Klogg halts him, greeting him pleasantly and introducing him to the Castle. He then offers the throne room and the crown, encouraging him to decide on claiming the crown for himself.

Bad Ending Edit

Klaymen puts on the crown and Klogg cackles, declaring himself victorious. Klaymen is then corrupted and greatly resembles Klogg in appearance, and Klaymen promptly punches Klogg and knocks him out. Klaymen declares himself the new ruler and cackles over Klogg's body.

Good Ending Edit

Klaymen spots Hoborg and Klogg immediately takes away the crown, aware of Klaymen's intentions. Klaymen pulls Klogg's loincloth to distract him and take the crown, but is impeded with Klogg pulls a lever and surrounds Hoborg's throne with spike. Klaymen surpasses them and, despite Klogg's warnings, places the crown on Hoborg's head. While Hoborg congratulates Klaymen for his efforts, Klogg draws a knife and prepares to stab Hoborg in the back. But as he approached, he stepped on the cannon remote and fires a cannon ball at himself, sending him flying through a wall and falling into space.

In Skullmonkeys Edit

Klogg falls through space and eventually lands on the planet Idznak where he accidentally kills one of the Skullmonkeys by landing on them. He takes the Skullmonkey's fur and skull and wears it as a disguise, soon becoming the Skullmonkeys' new king. Kloggmonkey convinces them to build the Evil Engine No. 9 to destroy the Neverhood. A smart Skullmonkey named Jerry-O sees this plan and sends a flying machine to the Neverhood, where it retrieves Klaymen and brings him to Idznak.

Klogg and his Skullmonkeys finish the machine and prepare it for launch, but Klaymen arrives to stop Klogg. After a battle with Klogg in his own personal vehicle, the vehicle explodes and kills Klogg instantly.

At the end of the game, Skullmonkeys sing the song "Klogg is Dead" and celebrate Klogg's death.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Crown!" - Klogg's first word.

"I declare myself Klogg, ruler of the Neverhood!'" - Klogg after stealing Hoborg's crown.

"Yow! Sheesh! My my, this baby packs a wallop!" - Klogg after transforming.

"Klaymen! Oh... I'm sorry, did I frighten you? My name is Klogg" - Klogg greeting Klaymen.

"I know what your thinking and you can forget it!" - Klogg when Klaymen looks at Hoborg.

"Son of a-" - Klogg, Moments before being hit with the cannon ball.

"Look ma! I'm a Skullmonkey. In fact, I am Kloggmonkey, the king of all the Skullmonkeys!" - Klogg donning his Skullmonkey disguise.

Trivia Edit

  • Klogg's role as the antagonist has major similarities to Satan from the biblical story 'Paradise Lost', as both are entities created by powerful figures that they would later turn against for personal desires.
    • Though Satan in the Paradise Lost is largely more sympathetic than Klogg is in the Neverhood, as Klogg expresses no regret or restraint in his actions or self-reflection on his nature as a villain.


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