Klogg's letter

After Willie and Bil's death, Klogg starts sending Klaymen mail. Unlike Willie's messages, Klogg does not send hints about what to do.

All Messages Edit

Klaymen, You should give up. Klogg

Klaymen, Ding Dong The Willie's Dead! Klogg

Klay, Hoborg says that he wants you to wear his crown. Klogg

Brother, Let us rule this world side by side! Klogg

Klaymen, You must be mistaken. Klogg

Klaymen, Why did you turn my Bil against me? Klogg

Klay, We are from the same mold. Klogg

Klaymen, I have a gift waiting for you at my castle Klogg

Klaymen, I was once naive like you. Klogg

Klaymen, I write well, yes? Klogg

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