The Neverhood is the main setting in the game The Neverhood.

Creation Edit

The Neverhood is a neighbourhood built by Hoborg and was meant as a place where he could live happily together with some beings of his own. It was made out of Klay, the clay of finest quality which Hoborg gathered in a faraway mountain with help of Big Robot Bil and Willie Trombone.

Originally, Hoborg thought it to be much bigger (and called The Overhood), however when carrying the Klay back to Hoborg's home place, the trio was attacked by a Tickberger who ate most of it and little was left for Hoborg to build his world.

Buildings Edit

First person scenes Edit

Other Edit

  • Red roofed house was not created by Hoborg; it is a part of the dilapidated Ottoborg's world which Willie lived in before he met Hoborg. Hoborg incorporated it into the Neverhood.
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