The Nursery is the building where Klaymen was born, and subsequently woke up in. It is the starting room in The Neverhood. The exterior looks like a blue box with two pink rings around it. The interior consists of three rooms.

If you choose the Good Ending, Klaymen will return here at the end of the game with Hoborg.

First RoomEdit

Klaymen will wake up in this room. The entire room is pink, save for the window frame and the door. There's a window looking outside that can be opened by pressing the button next to it. Its only other remarkable features are a lever and an enormous hammer over the exit.

The only thing Klaymen needs to do here is to get out, by completing the Hammer Puzzle.

Second RoomEdit

The second room is blue, and contains a flytrap plant, five hanging ring-food pieces, a ladder, and another door. The ladder leads to the Mail Room. The door has a huge button in the middle of it. It might help Klaymen get out. Maybe he should push it. One of the rings controls the radio on the lake floor.

This room is solved (exited) by completing the Flytrap Puzzle.

Mail RoomEdit

Main article: Mail Room

Here Klaymen can receive messages from Willie Trombone (and Klogg, in a later stage of the game).

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