Ogdilla was the first son of Quater. Its story is told in the Hall of Records.

Appearance Edit

Ogdilla was apparently a ball of blue gas that lacked a consistent form, according to the various depictions of it in the Neverhood. When travelling through space, it gathered several materials and grew into a planet with sustainable life and sentient inhabitants.

History Edit

Ogdilla was initially an experiment made by Quater. Originally, Ogdilla was a ball of gas that was minimally sentient. Upon it's creation, Ogdilla began roaming through space in a single direction, collecting particles and substances that compiled upon its form. Ogdilla eventually became a million times larger that it was when it was created, possibly becoming the very first inhabited planet in existence.

Ogdilla was mainly inhabited by creatures known as specks, specifically the Specks of Rilonate and the Specks of Rod. The two colonies despised each other and began the "Oobla Senchter Hakkt", or the Three Millennia of Conflict.

At some point, the Specks of Rilonate discovered a giant and attempted to convince it to attack the Specks of Rod. Infuriated by the giant's uncooperative attitude, the Specks of Rilonate scared the giant away by throwing food at him. The giant happened upon the kingdom of the Specks of Rod, who offered him food to rescue it from station. Traumatized by its previous experience, the giant ran away and was never seen again.

Ogdilla was aware of the conflict and eventually decided to end it, splitting its mass into two continents for each kingdom to exist in peace. However, King Rod and King Rilonate were trapped on the hemisphere belonging to the opposing kingdom. While King Rilonate was slain by the Specks of Rod upon revealing his identity, King Rod decided instead to masquerade as King Rilonate to avoid the same fate.

The two hemispheres traveled in opposite directions.

Personality Edit

Ogdilla is described to only be "barely self-aware" by Quater's writings. Despite this apparent lack of personality, it is said to be very adventurous, hence why it immediately began travelling out into space upon it's creation.

Trivia Edit

  • Although stated to wear a crown, the crown itself plays no part in the story of the Specks. In addition, it is unknown which half of Ogdilla the crown resided on when it was split.
  • Being an experiment by Quarter, it was likely an attempt to create the first sustainable planet.
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