Ottoborg was the fourth son of Quater. His story is told in the Hall of Records.

Story Edit

Ottoborg created a world and seven sons to live on it with him. His sons were Hypen Nupen, Petri Alfonzo, Willie Trombone, Aloh Al, Derradious "Creeker" Hapsicom, Hondo and Ed. All Ottoborg's sons were born with rings on top of their heads, which often led to the rings looping around tree branches and leaving the son hanging in the air.

Alongside his sons, Ottoborg used his knowledge of technology and robotics to create three large robot servants. Bil was designed for building, Appie was designed for digging and Togor was designed for painting.

Unfortunately, Ottoborg had neglected to secure the structure of his world with gravity and the world eventually collapsed. The sons and the robots were sent to the far reaches of space and each had differing fates.

Despite the descriptive fates of his sons, Ottoborg's status following the destruction of his world remains unknown.

Appearance Edit

Ottoborg has large lips with four club teeth protruding from them. His head has a curving spike that points downwards. He wears a one-piece suit with bare legs and arms, the suit having six spikes protruding from his chest. Ottoborg's feet have sagging ankles and tapher to a point at the toe.

Ottoborg's skin is likely yellow and he wears blue, based on the painting that hangs in Willie Trombone's red roofed house.


ottoborg as a picture frame in his son's room.

Sons Edit

Hypen Nupen Edit

Hypen's chunk of land got full of seeds and he spent his remaining days growing flowers. He yearned to cultivate more flowers than the land could produce, and he died along with his last flower on the desolate land.

Petri Alfonzo Edit

Petri died even before the world fell apart, as he got tired of getting his head hooked on branches and decapitated himself.

Willie Trombone Edit

Main article: Willie Trombone
Willie travelled through the most dangerous part of space together with Bil (who rescued him from Victoids and became his friend), until they met Hoborg and joined him in the gathering of Klay. Since Hoborg created the Neverhood, he lives there.

Aloh Al Edit

Aloh Al landed on Ogdilla and is revealed to be the giant described in Ogdilla's story in Hall of Records. He met the Specks of Rilonate and Specks of Rod, and immediately after he escaped back to his chunk of land, it collided into a dirt clod and Aloh Al presumably died.

Derradious Hapsicom Edit

Creeker spent the remainder of his life building statues on his chunk of land. He was never pleased with his work and was killed by a tidal wave that was caused by a big statue he pushed into a lake.

Hondo Edit

Hondo landed on the back of a huge beast on a distant planet.

Ed Edit

Ed's chunk just spun in place and he was stranded in space for eternity.

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