The Purple Building is a large house on the lake floor. It is entered through the neighbouring Radio Tower. The Purple Building has three floors:

Basement Edit

Purple Lab

The lowermost floor contains a glass cylinder, a cord which turns the light on or off, a glowing green miniature room at the floor and two staircases, one normal-sized and one very small. The lake wall radio can be seen through a barred window, and there are test tubes with liquids of different colours.

In this room Klaymen must use the cylinder to shrink himself and become small enough to go along the small staircase and through the miniature door.

Hall of Kings Edit


The room above is entered through the small door from the basement room. It is full of purple and white pillars between which the statues of kings (seven sons) are placed. There is a disk on the floor and another miniature lab, this time purple, on the right.

Here Klaymen must unshrink himself and then solve the Hall of Kings Puzzle to get out.

Topmost floor Edit

Purple House f3

The ladder leads Klaymen to the room above the Hall of Kings. Another disk lies on the floor and there is a disk player on the wall. There is a ring above the door which transports Klaymen back to Lab (the procedure with shrinking and unshrinking must be repeated in order to get back up). The door leads to a small pod with a teleport machine.

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