The Radio is found in the yellow Radio Tower. It can be tuned to play a variety of songs or sound effects by rotating its circular dial.

As Klaymen rotates the radio dial, the tower's satellite dish rotates, together with the room where Klaymen operates the radio. Klaymen must use the radio to open the door leading to the neighbouring Purple Building.

Turning the radio on Edit

The radio is switched on and off by the rightmost ring in the Nursery. As Klaymen pulls the ring, a cowbell is heard, identical to the sound that regularly interrupts the song at the Lake Wall Radio.

Solving the puzzle Edit

In order to rotate the radio room so that the door leading to the next room opens, Klaymen must set the radio to play the same song that is heard at the Lake Wall Radio (accessible with the green car).

Songs Edit

The radio plays the following songs (rotating the dial clockwise; a song appears every five clicks):

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