The Seven Sons of Quater are individual entities created by Quater.

List of Sons Edit

Ogdilla - A ball of gas that travels in one direction forever. It has collected materials from space and turned into a large and inhabited planet. It is mainly inhabited by Specks, which lived in two colonies that were at war with each other.

Bertbert - A humanoid that believed himself to be the Original Quater and created a Bertbert. Every Bertbert continued this act and they progressively became less and less intelligent.

Numeron - A mathematically obsessed humanoid that created hundreds of clones of himself. He wanted control over every clone and discovered that he would immediately be forgotten by a clone if that clone became lost.

Ottoborg - A humanoid designed to be joyful who created seven sons of his own and three robot servants. He was also unintelligent and his world was destroyed by a lack of gravity.

Homen - A humanoid that created the Ynt race. He was gifted two crowns, one given to his created son Pinto Bunyan. The two began to fight over dominion of the Ynt race until Quater took Pinto's crown away.

Hoborg - A friendly and compassionate humanoid who created a small world named the Neverhood. He is the father of Klaymen and Klogg.

Arven - A humanoid that created multiple planets. Arven would never reflect on his creations and ultimately forgets about them when they are created, focussing only on the next planet to create.

Trivia Edit

  • The sons are apparently capable of interacting with each other, as Arven had apparently created an Ynt planet as a favour to Homen.
  • The stories of each Son of Quater is told in the Hall of Records.
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