Aqua entrance

In order to enter the Aqua House, Klaymen must fill up the tubes on the right with water, so that they produce the same sound as the ones above the door.

As in real life, blowing over a bottle or tube creates an air column, making the air vibrate and producing sound. The more water it contains, the higher the tone is.

Prerequisites Edit

In order to start solving the puzzle, Klaymen must:

Solving Edit

First, step on the button on the floor and drink a glass of water from the skull under the tree. Then click on the tubes to spit water in them. The more water a tube receives, the higher tone it will produce. When finished, click the button next to the door. If the tones don't match, the water will drain out, and if they do, the door will open.

Solution Edit

The correct number of spits are (starting from left): 3 spits, 1 spit, 2 spits, 0 spits, 4 spits.

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