Teleport panel

There are six teleport machines in the Neverhood that instantly transport Klaymen to another location.

Using a teleport machine Edit

Klaymen must first select the destination teleporter at the right of the panel - each of the six buttons indicates a teleporter, and the available ones flash white. After the destination is selected, the big red button must be pressed to confirm the choice and depart to the selected teleporter.

Locations Edit

Gobča gobča T

Castle, second floor

Purple balcony

Purple Building balcony

Whale T

Whale's Mouth

When the first teleport machine is found (at the top floor balcony of the Purple Building), the only accessible teleporter is the island with the pin. After the pin is pulled out and Neverhood is re-united, Whale's Mouth becomes available.

The "moon" with the pin

Bil's T

Bil's place

After Klaymen visits Hammerboy's cavern, he finds another teleport machine there and the teleporter at Bil's place becomes available, too.

When Klaymen enters Bil and they get out of the hole, Bil accidentally steps on the teleport machine there and crushes it into pieces. At that moment, the button of that machine seems to burn, too. However, the last teleporter in the castle is discovered.


Hammerboy's cavern