Klaymen's cousin Willie sends Klaymen mail which arrives under the nursery. Letters give hints about what to do in the game, but after reading the hint Willie sends random messages. Some messages are references to the bible such as, Dear Klaymen, Hang me from a tree by my hoop so I can play "Absalom". Willie. Others make fun of mass messaging like, Klayyyyy, Send this letter to three friends or you will fall ill. Willie Dewan.

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Hints Edit

Dear Klaymen, Please feed my pet flytrap. He eats ring-food. I do not. Love Willie

My pal Klaymen Have you seen my cool music box? Be careful when you play. Sincerely Willie

Greetings Klay, I mixed up the boom-sticks. Will you help unmix them? Friends Willie

Klaymen-Haymen Blow up the Weasel and we can feast for days! Buddies, Willie

Hi Klay, Me again. Make an "H" for Hoborg. Willie Trombone

Klaaaaymen, You may use my beaker to drink from the skull. I am a hoop-head. Willie

Dear Klaymen Pass thru the spikes to press the fog-horn button. Love Willie

Greetings Klaymen You may drink from my secret fountain by the unsecret tree. Pals, Willie

Klay-Klay-Bo-Bay Spitting is fun. It is fun to spit and change the notes. Brother Willie

Klayguy Make the foghorn noise next to "Frenchie". He is my pet. William

Klaaaaamen, Thank you for killing Weasel. Now i CAN Drive in circles. Willie Trombone

Dear Klaymen, Three locks must unlock. Call yourself a chicken-pock. Brother Willie

Dear Klay I like shooting cannons. I still like shooting cannons. W.T.

Klaymen, I think you Broked the lake! I will not tell. William

Klaymen, The fifth ring turns on the radio. Willie

Klay! Klay! I am playing my favorite song on the lake walls! Friends, Willie

Klaymen, Doors are fast. We are faster. Willie T.

Klay guy Lure Bil away with his blue bear. Willie Trombone

Hiiiiii, Sometimes, we see more when there is no light. Willie

Greetings Klay, What goes Boom! must go up. Mr. Trombone

Hi friend, Someone needs to knock some sense into that Bil. Willieeeee

Other Edit


Klaymeb, you may have already won two bricks of klay!!! Willie

Klaymen, How do you spell Hoborg? Love, Willie

Klayyyyy, Send this letter to three friends or you will fall ill. Willie Dewan

Dear Klaymen, You read too much. Willie

Klay friend, You read too darn much. Willie

Dear Klay, At first, this was fun, but now you're being a baby. From Willie

Hello, Still no mail! From Willie

Greetings again, If you throw this away, I'll think less of you. Willie

K. Hi chum! My head has a whole in it. W.

Dear Klaymen, Hang me from a tree by my hoop so I can play "Absalom". Willie

Kloggs Letters Edit

After Willie and Bil fall off of the Neverhood, Klogg starts sending Klaymen mail. However Klogg's letters ask Klaymen to join him or they talk about Willie and Bil's death.

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