Willie Trombone
Character Info
Name: Willie Trombone
Gender: Male
Species: Ottoborg-ian
Occupation: Ally
First Appearance: The Neverhood
Latest Appearance: Klaymen gun hockey
Voice Actor: Mark Lorenzen

Willie Trombone is Klaymen's cousin, and the third son of Ottoborg. Willie is not very intelligent, and has a ring on the top of his head. It is common for the ring to be caught around tree branches.

The Gathering Of Klay Edit

When Ottoborg's World fell apart, Willie's chunk consisted of his red roofed house. Willie soon came across some Victoids. The Victoids thought they would have to be clever to trick Willie into eating him. However they were wrong because Willie is extremely dim-witted. Bil soon came and saved Willie from the Victoids. Willie then dined on Victoids for months. Soon Willie and Bil meet Hoborg and the three went to collect klay. Once they got back, Hoborg included Willie's red roofed house in the Neverhood.

During The Neverhood Edit

When Klogg overthrew Hoborg, Willie found a life seed which he used to create Klaymen. Willie then left several disks behind to tell Klaymen what to do, and hid into Cathead Mountain.

When Klaymen climbs in Bil, he notices Willie being attacked by a Weasel. Bil then saves Willie and Willie climbs in. After Bil and The Clockwork Beast fight, Willie and Bil fall off of the Neverhood. However, if Good Ending is chosen, Hoborg brings them back.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The game's Read Me is written in the same way Willie speaks.
  • Willie is the only character not voiced by Doug TenNapel.
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